Lev Academic Center
Institute type Academic Institutions
Area Jerusalem Area
Date of recognition 24/12/1980
Budgeting Publicly funded institutions

An academic-religious college, the College combines technological study with Jewish studies, with separate studies for men and women. the College awards a bachelor’s degree in technological as well as economic subjects. The purpose of the College is to combine academic studies with yeshiva-level Torah studies. The opening of the Institute was an innovation in the religious world. The Institute created many opportunities in the area of Torah research by bringing together scientific knowledge and knowledge in Jewish subjects, such as sanctification of the month, the Jewish calendar, economics according to the Torah, etc. The Institute, as a religious academic institution, is based on the idea that Torah and science complement each other. This view of the integration of religion and science is well expressed in its policy.

21 HaVa'ad HaLeumi St., POB 16031, Jerusalem 91160