Tel-Aviv University
Institute type Universities
Area Tel-Aviv Area
Date of recognition 08/11/1971
Budgeting Publicly funded institutions

Tel-Aviv University is one of the largest universities in Israel and is located in Ramat-Aviv, Tel-Aviv. The University was established in stages over a period of ten years, through the merging of different institutions. The core of the University was founded on December 1, 1953 in Abu Kabir, near Yaffo, with the opening of the “Academic Institute of Natural Sciences”. on November 4, 1964 the permanent campus of the University was inaugurated in Ramat-Aviv and on November 2, 1969 the University was accredited by the Council for Higher Education. Tel-Aviv University is the largest of the research universities in Israel, mainly due to its location in the center of Tel-Aviv and the Dan Region.

Ramat-Aviv, POB 39040, Tel-Aviv 69978