A record number of winning projects that include Israeli higher education institutions within the TEMPUS Sixth Call for Proposals

Selection Results of the Tempus Sixth Call for Proposals were published


The Education Audio-Visual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) has announced the results of the Tempus Sixth Call for Proposals. In Total, 171 projects were selected for funding. A record number of 7 projects that include Israeli institutions for higher education were selected for funding this year, while three of the selected projects are coordinated by Israeli institutions.


In total, about 30 Israeli institutions will be involved in these new projects including universities, colleges, student unions, enterprises, NGOs and governmental organizations.


The selected projects focus on diverse issues in higher education such as online courses in Nanotechnology, Lifelong Learning in Applied Sciences, Medical Genomics Education and Social Engagement of higher education institutions and students.


The National Tempus Office in ISRAEL congratulates all participating institutions!