Medicine schools accreditation

International advancement in higher education is of great importance in raising the academic level and competition of Israeli academia. When it comes to the field of medicine and medical education, the international aspect is an essential and necessary layer.

In order to continue to maintain the international programs and enable the arrival of international students to Israel, as well as to allow medical school graduates to be exposed and experience the world of international medicine, Israel is undergoing an international recognition process by the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME).

The WFME was established in 1972 by the World Medical Association (WMA) and the World Health Organization (WHO)

And is promoting accreditation through the WFME Recognition Programme, raising the standards for basic and postgraduate medical education and continuing professional development through the publication of expert consensus of minimum and quality standards, and maintaining the World Directory of Medical Schools.

For the purpose of the international recognition process that each country must go through by 2023, the State of Israel must prove that it has an active quality assessment mechanism, which regularly maintains an evaluation process in all medical schools in Israel. Most countries in the world that conduct medical studies (among them: England, Australia, Canada, Japan), operate under the guidance of an advisory committee in the field. The composition of the committee and its powers, the ways in which it operates and its frequency vary from country to country, but its very existence is acceptable in the world.

  1. Composition of the committee
  2. Standards and elements
  3. Letter of appointment to the advising committee on medical education in Israel