Michal Neumann – New Director General of the Council for Higher Education

The executive appointment committee of Civil Service Commission approved the Council for Higher Education’s request to appoint Michal Neumann as Acting Director General of the Council for Higher Education.


Michal Neumman,  53, has worked for Council for  Higher Education for the last 23 years, serving in a variety of positions, in which she established and managed the Quality Assurance Division, led the academization of colleges, and streamlined the Council’s accreditation and regulation procedures. During the last 6 years, Michal Neumann served as Deputy Director General for Academic Affairs and the Council for Higher Education Secretary.


Neumann holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Middle East and Islamic Studies from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a Master’s Degree in Public Policy from Tel Aviv University. She is highly regarded by higher education and ministerial officials as well as international professional organizations, and her appointment was widely accepted by members of the Council for Higher Education, Planning & Budgeting Committee as well as the leadership of higher education institutions in Israel.


Prof. Yaffa Zilbershats, Chair of the Planning & Budgeting Committee, and ,Prof Ido Perlman Deputy Chair of the Council for Higher Education, wish Michal Neumann success in this important position.