Access to Higher Education for Arab Residents of East Jerusalem

Further to the government’s decision on the matter, the PBC set a goal for the next five years to double the number of students, residents of East Jerusalem, who are starting first year bachelor’s degree studies from 300 students in 2016/17 to 600 students in 2022/23. Additionally, an increase of approximately 75% is expected in the number of preparatory students, from 400 students in 2016/17 to 700 students in 2022/23. Currently, most students from East Jerusalem study teaching and education, and the goal is to open additional avenues of study to them including STEM subjects.

The multiyear budget approved for implementation of the plan is estimated at approximately NIS 260 million of which approximately NIS 170 million is from the PBC budget and NIS 90 million from the Ministry of Finance.

ות”ת אישרה: 260 מלש”ח יוקצו להנגשת ההשכלה הגבוהה לערביי מזרח ירושלים