The Start-Up Nation Meets Academia

Israel as a country is characterized by its entrepreneurial nature and has become a leader in innovation. Until recently though, academic institutions did not see entrepreneurship and innovation as part of their mission. The New Campus Vision aims to expose students and faculty from all disciplines to the world of entrepreneurship and innovation, as is the practice in leading institutions around the world.

The development of an entrepreneurial culture on campus by means of workshops, contests, hackathons and “meet-ups” is central to this process. These types of events create interest amongst students and researchers and enable them to exchange ideas, learn, gain in-depth knowledge, and hopefully also find partners for their projects.

Furthermore, the New Campus will enable students to become active learners, and hopefully help transform academic institutions into spaces that encourage groundbreaking innovation . For this purpose, entrepreneurship and innovation centers will be established on campuses, where students from all parts of campus will receive training in entrepreneurship and will work together with lecturers and researchers as well as with professional mentors to create meaningful projects which aim to impact society. The entrepreneurship centers will thus assist in turning the campus into an entrepreneurial ecosystem that encourages innovation and creativity, removes barriers, and strengthens academia-industry collaboration.