The New Campus Vision

The New Campus is the flagship program of the Council for Higher Education’s current six-year plan (2017-2022). The launch of the New Campus is the result of a review of the entire higher education system followed by an understanding that alongside impressive achievements, the system must also address changes in the world of higher education and adapt to them. Central among these changes is the internet revolution, which has a tremendous impact on education at every stage, as well as on research methods, and on employment. This revolution has led to the disappearance of certain professions, and to the birth of new ones, to a global shift toward life-long-learning, and to greater inter-disciplinarity and a broader exchange of knowledge between institutions in Israel and abroad.

The New Campus addresses these elements, all of which together create the vision of a modern campus, one which is adapted to the 21st century, and which encourages openness and entrepreneurship while removing barriers between staff and students, between the different disciplines, and between academia and industry.