Data Science

Data science refers to the collection, management, processing, analysis, and visualization of data associated with a wide range of academic disciplines and commercial applications. In the last several years, the field has experienced increased and accelerated growth, and has benefited from greater investments, both by industry, universities and private research institutes. The reasons for the development of data science are connected to a number of factors: a significant increase in the quantity and availability of data generated around the world, the continual development of methods, algorithms and technologies for processing and analyzing big and varied datasets, and the development of advanced storage solutions.

Data science can help advance research in practically all academic fields and has the potential to be innovative and groundbreaking not only in the exact sciences, but also in the social sciences and the humanities. There is no doubt that advances in this field will result in a leap forward in in terms of research and teaching in a large number of disciplines, and will contribute to Israel’s economic resilience.