International Research Linkages

International Research Collaboration

Supporting international research collaboration has long been a major priority for CHE/PBC.  The main programs that PBC currently funds are as follows:

  • European Framework Program for Research and Innovation

The EU’s framework programs for R&D are the largest in the world for scientific and industrial cooperation and are a major source of funding. The current framework program is Horizon 2020, which provides funding for the establishment of joint consortiums, and for R&D activity carried out by industry, academia, research institutions, and private and public organizations. Israel’s participation in the program is led by ISERD.

 ISERD website, Horizon2020 website

  • Israel-USA Binational Research foundation – BSF

The BSF was established in 1972 in order to promote scientific cooperation between the countries vis-a-vis support for joint research between Israeli and American researchers in a variety of fields. The foundation operates several research grants and academic awards programs. In 2013, under the framework of the BSF, the program for cooperation with the NSF was established. This program offers funding for Israeli and American researchers.

BSF website

  • German-Israel Foundation for Scientific R&D – GIF

The GIF was established in 1986 in order to promote joint research between research groups from universities, hospitals, and other research organizations from both countries. The foundation supports basic research in a variety of fields: life sciences, medicine, exact sciences, agriculture, environment, social sciences, and humanities.

GIF website

  • Israel-China Joint Research Foundation, ISF-NSFC

In 2014, the National Natural Sciences Foundation of China (NSFC) and the Israel Science Foundation (ISF) established a joint program. This program provides research grants in the natural sciences fields and organizes joint research workshops for researchers of both countries.

Information in ISF website

  • Israel India Joint Research Foundation, ISF-UGC

In 2015, the University Grants Commission in India (UGC) and the Israel Science Foundation (ISF) established a joint program for promoting cooperation in scientific research. The program offers research grants in all academic disciplines.

Information in ISF website

  • Israel Singapore Joint Research Foundation, ISF-NRF

In 2017, the National Research Foundation in Singapore (NRF) and the Israel Science Foundation (ISF) established a joint program for promoting cooperation in scientific research. The program supports joint research projects in the exact sciences and engineering fields.

Information in ISF website