Joint Core Program Agreements signed between the I-COREs and the Italian MFA

New Core Program Agreements were signed on October 25th, 2012, between the four I-COREs and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), as part of an initiative to strengthen and stimulate the bi-national cooperation in science and technology between Italy and Israel.



According to the agreements, post-doctoral fellows and medical trainees from Italy will join the four Israeli Centers of Research Excellence and benefit from advanced training, while contributing to research and innovation in the I-COREs. In total, the Joint Core Program will offer 13 one-year research and training fellowships, which may be prolonged.


The joint program was officially signed and inaugurated during the Italian-Israeli 3rd Intergovernmental Summit.

A full day event was dedicated to the topic “From Brain Drain to Brain Gain: An Italian-Israeli Brainstorm”. The event consisted of three debates dealing with the strategies to attract and support researchers and technology transfer – In Italy, in Israel, and as a joint effort.


The event was opened by greetings from Min. Francesco Profumo, Minister of Education, University and Research of Italy, and Min. Daniel Hershkowitz, Minister of Science of Israel.

Following that, a debate on the topic of “What can attract the global flow of talent towards our countries?” was carried by Prof. Ehud Gazit, Chief Scientist at the Ministry of Science of Israel and Prof. Maria Cristina Messa, Deputy President at the Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche in Italy, and moderated by Prof. Lia Addadi, Dean of the Feinberg Graduate School at The Weizmann Institute of Science.

A second debate in the topic of “How can young researchers establish their new laboratories?” was carried by Dr. Liat Maoz, the Director of the I-CORE program in the Israeli CHE/PBC, and Prof. Anna Tramontano, from the European Research Council, and moderated by Prof. Ronit Satchi-Fainaro from Tel Aviv University.


Then the agreements for the joint programs were signed by the Italian representatives and the four I-COREs representatives: Prof. Gideon Grader the scientific director of the Solar Fuels Consortium I-CORE, Prof. Karen Avraham, a scientific management member of the I-CORE in Gene Regulation of Complex Human Disease, Prof. Yadin Dudai, the scientific director of the Cognitive Sciences I-CORE, and Prof. Yishai Mansour the scientific director of the I-CORE in Algorithm research.


Following that, a third debate took place on the topic of “Ideas for the future on the road from research to innovation”.


A complete program of the event may be found in http://www.itembassy.com/tel-aviv/files/2012/10/Agenda_Brain_Storm_Oct_25_draftE.pdf


The summit was held in King David Hotel in Jerusalem.


Some pictures taken in the event may be viewed here http://www.i-core.org.il/-joint-core-program-agreements-signed-between-the-i-cores-and-the-italian-mfa-on-october-25th–2012