Preacademic Preparatory Programs

The preacademic preparatory courses serve as a bridge to higher education for young people who are interested in the best preparation for academia, including in order to meet the admission requirements for undergraduate studies in the field they wish to study. In the 2016-17 academic year, responsibility for the preparatory programs was transferred to Council for Higher Education as part of a reform in planning, budgeting and pre-academic programs.

The preacademic preparatory programs operate three main tracks: The specific track, pre-specific track, and high school matriculation track.

Students enrolled in preparatory courses at institutions budgeted by the State and who meet the socioeconomic criteria set by the educational institution are entitled to exemption from tuition.

Specific track
This track prepares students for academic studies in a particular field. The duration of the program is up to one year. In special cases, the duration of studies in the track will be reviewed, on an individual basis, for applicants with learning disabilities or unique traits.
The specific track prepares students in two fields: Humanities and social sciences, and life sciences, exact sciences and engineering (which may be divided into two tracks: One for life sciences and one for exact sciences and engineering).

Pre-specific track
A three-month course that prepares students to begin studies in the specific track. This track is intended for students who do not meet the threshold requirements for admission to the specific track.

High school matriculation track
This track intended for students who wish to complete their matriculation certificate, particularly in anticipation of continuing their studies in institutions of higher education. The duration of studies in this track is up to two years. The number of class hours per year allocated to each matriculation subject depends on the subject being studied and at the level studied, as per the requirements of the Ministry of Education. Students in this track are required to take the matriculation exams administered by the Ministry of Education for the purpose of obtaining a matriculation certificate. The subjects that each student studies will be determined by the preparatory program based on his academic level and the subjects he lacks in order to qualify for a matriculation certificate, as well as according to the academic field he intends to study.

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