Promoting research infrastructures and encouraging excellence in scientific research

The ability to conduct quality research that is at the forefront of global science is dependent on the development of research infrastructures. In the multiyear program for 2017-2022, the issue of research infrastructures has been marked as a central goal and dedicated budgetary supplements have been allocated to this issue in the sum of 870 NIS million, as specified below:

The multiyear plan includes dedicated budgets to establish and upgrade research infrastructures at research universities in the scope of approximately NIS 460 million, including:
Equipment grants for new researchers employed at universities for less than three years.
Equipment grants for mid-career researchers with 10-20 years seniority in the university system. The program will assist outstanding researchers at this level of seniority in renewing their laboratories and maximizing scientific potential.
Institutional equipment grants – Expensive equipment serving the research needs of a wide range of users, and managed at the institutional level.
Participation grants for hiring and employing professional staff to operate institutional research infrastructures.
• Research grants to make infrastructure centers accessible to researchers in order to assist researchers in financing the use of these infrastructures, where the cost of using them exceeds existing financing options available through research grants commonly provided in Israel.

The teaching and research infrastructures upgrades in institutions of higher education plan is in the sum of approximately NIS 410 million: The universities’ share of this budget is estimated at approximately NIS 230 million and the colleges’ share of this budget is estimated at approximately NIS 180 million.