The accreditation process of new study programs by the Council for Higher Education (CHE) focuses on monitoring and ensuring quality only in the founding stages. Once permanent accreditation is granted, such monitoring is no longer possible. The quality Assurance (QA) system, which was established by a CHE decision in 2003, is entrusted with preserving and fostering quality in higher education institutions as an essential national and academic priority.


The decision to establish a QA system in the Israeli CHE was made based on the recognition of the fact that quality is of essential value to higher education. This recognition was reinforced by the global trends towards ensuring and assessing quality in higher education systems. In the past decade, the issue of quality assurance and evaluation has been a focus of activity and interest on the part of national and international entities dealing in higher education. A considerable number of countries have established organizations (many of which are founded by law) to assume responsibility for the important question of assessing and assuring quality. Promoting this issue in Israel’s higher education system, beyond the advantages inherent in such a system, is essential to guarantee the continued inclusion of the Israeli academic system in the global academic network.


The Quality Assessment and Assurance Unit (QAU) was set up in April 2004 within the CHE secretariat in order to implement the CHE’s decision and plan, organize and carry out the quality assessment process in the Israeli higher education system. In addition, a sub-committee and an academic head of quality assessment and assurance were appointed. In September 2010, the QAU was upgraded and became a separate division within the CHE. The QAD is responsible for running the QA system, including the formation of a working plan for the system, coordinating information from the institutions, recruiting members to the external evaluation committees, running the committees, submitting and following-up reports to the Council for Higher Education.