Evaluating programs of study

Study programs at all levels in a given academic field will undergo a quality assessment process once every 6-8 years.

A single external committee is appointed by the CHE in order to examine all study programs of a certain field at all institutions. For that reason, special care is needed to avoid an innate tendency towards standardization of diverse programs and the variety and uniqueness of each program of study at different institutions will be stressed.

Aspects and topics to be examined

  • Goals and Aims.
  • The study program – its contents, structure and scope.
  • Teaching and learning outcomes.
  • Students.
  • Research
  • Human Resources.
  • The self-evaluation process.
  • Other topics to be decided by the evaluating committee.

The process of quality assessment and assurance

In general, the process consists of five principal components:

  • The institution and academic unit of the evaluated program undergo intensive self-evaluation process.
  • Evaluation by an external committee appointed by the CHE.
  • The committee submits the final reports for each of the evaluated study programs, as well as a general report regarding the state of the examined field of studies in Israel.
  • Discussion and decision-making by the CHE.
  • Follow-up of the implementation of the CHE’s decisions.