Research-based master’s degree scholarships for academic excellence for students of Ethiopian Descent

Program goal: This scholarship program is another part of the multiyear program to increase the accessibility of higher education to people of Ethiopian descent. In the 2017/18 academic year, approximately 370 students of Ethiopian descent studied for their master’s degrees throughout the higher education system, including approximately 250 in institutions funded by the Planning and Budgeting Committee – 43 of whom were enrolled in a research-based master’s degree program in Israel’s universities.

In 2017/18, the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption awarded scholarships for the amount of the tuition fees (NIS 13,769) to approximately 190 students studying for a master’s degree. In add

ition, since 2016/17 the Ministry of Science, Technology and Space has been awarding five scholarships for academic excellence in the amount of NIS 50,000 each to students in master’s degree programs. However, as far as we are aware, due to various limitations and few applications, these scholarships have not been widely distributed. In light of the recommendation by the Steering Committee for Making Higher Education Accessible to Students of Ethiopian Descent, including by use of methods such as encouraging advanced research-based degrees, it has been decided to authorize a program for fellowships for academic excellence for students enrolled in research-based master’s degree programs. The goal is to create an infrastructure for increasing the number of those of Ethiopian descent among the members of the academic faculty in Israel.

Scholarship period: The scholarship is intended for students in the second year of their studies for a research-based master’s degree who meet the criteria.

Value of the scholarship: Scholarships for academic excellence in the amount of NIS 41,000, intended to cover the recipients’ living expenses and tuition fees are granted to students of Ethiopian descent who meet its criteria.