The National Quantum Science and Technology Program

The National Quantum Science and Technology Program is a joint program of the PBC, the Administration for the Development of Weapons and Technological Infrastructures, the Innovation Authority, the Ministry of Science and the Ministry of Finance, and its purpose is to facilitate relevant research and industrial enterprises in Israel.     The program was initiated in 2018 when the PBC approved the recommendation of the Steering Committee founded for the purpose of allocating a designated budget in the amount of NIS 200 million, reserved to the development of this field in the framework of the multi-annual program. These recommendations included the following: establishing programs for supporting relevant human capital, including a program for integrating staff members and scholarship programs for outstanding PhD candidates and post-docs, in addition to a program for the creation and improvement of institutional research infrastructures. In addition to implementing the aforementioned recommendations, the PBC submitted an outline of an extended National Research Infrastructures Forum Program (involving the aforementioned Government Ministries and the PBC).

Pursuant to the recommendation of the NRI’s Investigative Committee, the program has been further expanded, and it now amounts to NIS 1.25 billion over the course of six years. The extensive program, which was fully approved by the government as part of the Economic Acceleration Program of summer 2020, includes additional investments in the development of academic research, including the leveraging of human capital in this field, and the improvement of research infrastructures, as well as the encouragement of international cooperation in the context of research and development, and the facilitation of developing relevant industries.