The Council for Higher Education (“the CHE”) respects the privacy of visitors and users of the internet site that it runs and operates under the domain name (“the Site”).  Below is the CHE policy for protecting the privacy of users of the Site.

Collecting data about users of the Site:

  1. In general, the CHE collects general statistical data about all visitors to the Site, in a way that does not identify visitors individually.
  2. The CHE collects statistical data about users of the Site for various purposes, such as the proper operation of the Site, to improve the user experience, to provide a better service to users, and for data security purposes.
  3. However, when a user knowingly enters personal data on the Site, for example when submitting a resume, an inquiry or online forms, registering for a mailing list or seminars via the Site, then the CHE is permitted to store the individual data of that user, including in its databases.


  1. The data collected by the CHE may be saved in its databases. The Site user agrees and confirms that any data provided by the user to the CHE or collected by the CHE on the Site (“the Data”) shall be saved in the CHE database;  the user confirms that he submitted the Data of his own free will, without the imposition of any legal obligation to do so.

Use of Cookies

  1. The Site uses various technologies to collect and store statistical data while visitors are using the Site, including sending “Cookie” files (from the CHE and third parties) and other technologies to the visitor’s computer or device.
  2. Some browsers have an option to avoid receiving and/or operating Cookie files and similar files, so that you can define a block on such files in your browser. However, take into account that blocking Cookie files could mean that you are unable to use some of the Site services or view some of the Site pages.

Use of Data (the purposes for which User Data is collected on the Site)

  1. The CHE collects Data from users of the Site for the following purposes, inter alia:
    • To improve and enrich the services and content offered on the Site;
    • For statistical processing;
    • For legal reasons (for example, to comply with a judicial order, law, government request, and so on);
    • To identify, prevent or deal with fraud, data security issues or technical problems;
    • To protect against harm to third party rights, including intellectual property rights, invasion of privacy and libel;
    • To receive inquiries from users and handle them (such as inquiries or “wanted” ads);
    • Direct mailing and contact with Site users;
    • Any other purposes as required by the CHE from time to time.

Any Data collected will be used solely in accordance with this privacy policy and the provisions of any law.

Giving Data to a Third Party

  1. The CHE will not send personal details of Site users and Data collected about the activity of Site users to any third parties (such as advertisers) except in the following cases:
    • Transfer of personal details of Site users to relevant entities (such as institutions of higher education, the Ministry of Education, the Knesset and its committees, etc.) in order to deal with a user’s inquiry or complaint sent through the Site; in this case, transfer of personal details will be done subject to obtaining individual consent from the user;
    • In the case of a legal dispute between you and the CHE will requires revealing your details;
    • If you perform any actions on the Site that are contrary to the law;
    • If a judicial order is received instructing the transfer of your details or data about you to a third party, or this is required by law.

Data Security

  1. The CHE makes reasonable efforts to protect users and data collected about them from unauthorized access, against unauthorized changes and from exposure or deletion. For that purpose, the CHE implements a data security system on the Site.  While this systems limits the risks of unauthorized access, it cannot provide absolute security against these risks.  Therefore the CHE does not undertake that the data it collects on the Site will be absolutely immune to unauthorized access.

Contact with Site Users

  1. The CHE occasionally wishes to send you information by email (for example, information about CHE services, tenders, wanted ads, etc.). This information will only be sent to you if you give explicit consent, and at any time you can cancel this consent and cease receiving it.

Changes to Privacy Policy

  1. The CHE may update and/or change and/or delete and/or add to any part of its Privacy Policy (in full or in part), from time to time without notice, at its sole and absolute discretion. Such changes to the Privacy Policy will come into force immediately upon their publication on the Site.

Contacting the CHE

  1. For any questions regarding the Privacy Policy of this Site, use the online contact form at