Terms of Use of the Council for Higher Education’s Website


  1. The website under the domain name https://che.org.il (hereinafter: “the Site”) is owned by the Council for Higher Education (“the CHE”) and is operated and maintained by and/or for the CHE by third parties.
  2. In these Terms of Use, the masculine form is used for convenience only and the contents apply equally to men and women, mutatis mutandis.
  3. The following Terms of Use are binding on any person who visits, surfs or uses the Site in any way (“the User”). The User is required to read these Terms of Use carefully, before performing any action on the Site, viewing any data on the Site and/or using any service on the Site.
  4. Entering and using the Site and/or data on the Site constitutes explicit and irrevocable acceptance by the User of the Terms of Use specified below.
  5. The CHE may update and/or change and/or cancel and/or suspend and/or delete and/or add to any part of the Terms of Use (in full or in part), from time to time without notice, at its sole and absolute discretion. Such changes will come into force as soon as published on the Site.
  6. The User bears full responsibility for noting any changes in the Site’s Terms of Use, before using the Site. The User undertakes to comply with the updated Terms of Use as published on the Site.  Any visit to and/or use of the Site after publication of any change and/or update to the Terms of Use shall be deemed explicit and irrevocable consent by the User to such changes.  The User irrevocably waives any complaint and/or demand and/or claim for any change and/or update and/or deletion in the Site’s Terms of Use.
  7. The CHE may limit or completely prevent entry to the Site by certain Users or a group of Users at its discretion, without notification to such Users, and without giving reasons for its decision, and without assuming any liability on this account.
  8. In the Terms of Use specified in this document, “CHE” refers also to its employees, members, representatives and agents, including the Planning & Budgeting Committee and its members.

Applicable law:  Any claim against the CHE or any of its agents on any matter relating to and/or deriving from this Site shall be tried in accordance with the material Israeli law, even if the rules of private international law accepted in Israel provide otherwise.

  1. Jurisdiction: Any claim against the CHE or any of its agents on any matter relating to and/or deriving from this Site shall be tried solely in a competent court in the location of the CHE – Jerusalem.

Limited Liability

  1. Data on the site is given solely for the convenience of Users. In the event of a discrepancy between the provisions of the law or other official publication of the State of Israel, and the data on the site – only the official provisions shall be binding.
  2. The CHE has made an effort to ensure that the data is suitable and correct on the date of uploading. However, data on the Site (including statistical data, text, graphics, video clips, links etc.) may contain errors or inaccuracies.  The CHE therefore presents data on the Site AS IS and subject only to availability.  The CHE makes no undertakings or warranties regarding the correctness, accuracy or completeness of the data or other material on the Site and/or regarding its suitability for any specific purpose, and the CHE assumes no liability for errors or inaccuracies on the Site.  The User assumes full responsibility for using the data and material on the Site and/or for reliance on them.  This includes a waiver by the User of any claim that the CHE or its agents should have been aware of the correct and accurate data, or that the CHE should have refrained from publishing the data as it was published.
  3. The CHE makes no warranty whatsoever (explicit or implicit, direct or indirect) regarding the data and other material on the Site, including that the material does not breach any third party rights and/or regarding the suitability or unsuitability of data on the Site for any purpose and/or that the material on the Site is free of any computer virus or other undesirable software. The CHE bears no liability for any direct or indirect damage to the User or any other third party in connection with the above, including damage resulting from use of the software.
  4. If the Site and/or portions thereof (including any services offered on the Site) are not available to the User at any time, for any reason (including any action and/or omission of the CHE, technical fault, interference and/or problems on the Internet, and so on), the User will not be entitled to any compensation and/or indemnity of any kind on this account. The User hereby irrevocably waives any complaint and/or demand and/or claim of any kind in this respect.
  5. Neither the CHE nor any of its agents shall bear any liability for any loss and/or damage and/or destruction (direct or indirect) occurring following a visit to and/or use of the Site and/or the inability to use the Site for any reason, including damage of any kind (direct or indirect) due to use of the Site.
  6. The CHE may change and/or edit the contents of the Site and also prevent access to the Site and/or suspend it and/or stop one or more of the services and content provided on the Site at any time without notice, at its sole and absolute discretion. The CHE shall not be liable for any damage or loss due to any change and/or editing of the data and contents of the Site and/or for the User’s inability to use the Site or any parts thereof for any reason whatsoever.
  7. Without derogating from the generality of the foregoing, the CHE (including its employees and managers and anyone acting for it) shall bear no liability for any claim or demand or allegation, of any kind on any grounds, neither shall it bear liability to the User for any direct, indirect and/or consequential damage, whether financial or non-financial (including but not limited to loss of profit, loss of goodwill, loss of data and loss of software and any data in the operating system of the Site User that is linked in any way to use of the Site), material, content and functions on the Site, and/or the inability to use one or more of the foregoing on the Site (or on a site reached through a link from the Site).
  8. Information about tuition fees, scholarships and student residences: nothing on the Site or its content detracts from the terms of the various scholarships defined in any law and/or appearing in the terms of such scholarships.
  9. Without derogating from the generality of the foregoing, the information about scholarships, residences, tenders and tuition fees published on the Site is not official or binding data, and it is published solely for the convenience of Site Users. In any case, nothing published on the Site grants the User any right regarding the CHE or its agents, including the right to obtain a place in a residence, to win a tender, scholarship, benefit or any discount.
  10. Legislation, guidelines, decisions (of the CHE and the Planning & Budget Committee) and other procedures: the data on the Site, for example regarding legislation, guidelines, decisions (of the CHE and the PBC), PBC instructions (for example regarding terms of employment and staff grades) and other procedures, or regarding student rights, promotion, support and integration of certain populations and people with disabilities as professional advice and/or government promise and such data must not be relied upon.  The CHE does not grant Users legal advice on any matters.
  11. Acceptance for studies: the information on the Site regarding terms of acceptance for studies should not be deemed binding  and/or full and/or accurate.  Acceptance for studies is subject to the sole discretion of the academic institution in question.

Intellectual Property and Copyright

  1. All intellectual property rights, including but not only copyright, in connection with the Site and the content comprising and/or included in the Site (“the Works”) and the Site as a whole, including (but not only) Site pages and screens included in such pages, texts, pictures, symbols, illustrations, video clips, graphics and software applications, computer code, page layout etc. are the sole property of the CHE, and Users shall have no rights of ownership or use of them whatsoever. In case of doubt over ownership of rights, the User is asked to seek clarification from the CHE.
  2. Without derogating from the generality of the foregoing, it is clarified that the User is forbidden to make any use of photographs on the Site showing one or more persons without obtaining the prior consent of such person(s) and without regulating the use of such image, as a condition for using the photograph.
  3. The name “Council for Higher Education”, the Site domain name (che.org.il) and trademarks and tradenames of the CHE, also the design (logo) of all these (whether or not registered) shown on the Site are the sole property of the CHE and must not be used without the prior written consent of the CHE.
  4. The tradenames of third party products or services appearing on the Site may also be protected as trademarks (whether or not registered) of those third parties and must not be used without the consent of their owners.
  5. Inclusion in the Site of a link to other third party sites does not constitute any obligation or warranty that the CHE permits, approves or encourages the use of trademarks, tradenames, designs (logo) or works protected by copyright including in such linked third party sites.
  6. Anyone alleging that the Site includes content that is suspected of breaching any of his legal rights and/or intellectual property, is requested to contact the CHE as specified in clause 38.

Restrictions on Use

  1. Users of the Site are forbidden to copy, distribute, change, edit, broadcast, present in public, publish, reproduce, distort, or create derivatives of any Works on the Site without obtaining explicit prior written consent from the CHE.
  2. The User is only permitted to make “fair use” of the Works, according to the rules defined in law, and only for personal and not commercial use. For all fair use of the Works, the User undertakes to give credit by noting that the source of the Works is the Site, with a link to the specific page on the Site.  This permission does not grant any right of use or transfer any ownership rights for the Works to the User and/or in favor of any third party whatsoever.
  3. The following provisions shall apply with regard to copies of the Works included in the Site done according to the rules of fair use:
    • The User must save all notices included in connection with the Works regarding copyright and ownership thereof and avoid removing, hiding or changing such notices.
    • No copy of the Works may be transferred to any other person unless the User has given such person notice that he must assume all the obligations included in these Terms of Use and that person has confirmed his consent to do so.
  4. The User undertakes to use the Site in accordance with any law, and no use shall be made of the Site for any unlawful, harmful, threatening use that amounts to libel, invasion of privacy, harmful use of third party intellectual property or contrary to any other provision of law.

Links and/or References to External Sites and Third Party Content

  1. The CHE is permitted and may from time to time include in the Site links to internet sites operated by third parties that do not belong to the CHE and are not under its control and/or reference to data published by third parties (“Third Party Sites”). The use of Third Party Sites is subject to the terms of use and privacy policy appearing on those sites.
  2. Links on the Site are solely for the convenience of Users. It is clarified that there is no legal relationship between the owners of Third Party Sites and the CHE (unless specifically stated otherwise on the Site), and the CHE has no control over the data and material on such Sites or its correctness.
  3. The CHE shall bear no liability of any kind for the links, Third Party Sites or anything deriving therefrom, including for content or warranties appearing on Third Party Sites. Links to Third Party Sites should not be construed as approval, sponsorship, recommendation or preference by the CHE for such sites, including any content or warranty appearing therein, or for any products/ services presented therein or any warranty of their correctness or whether they breach any law.
  4. To the extent that Third Party Sites offer products and services for sale, the CHE is not a party to such transactions (unless otherwise stated on the Site) and shall not bear any liability with respect to such sales.
  5. If the User chooses to use the links and to visit the Third Party Sites, the User does so at his sole responsibility and undertakes to take all possible precautions to prevent damage arising from the visit to such sites, including damage caused by a computer virus, malware or other undesirable software and other harmful elements. In any case, the CHE shall bear no liability whatsoever for any direct or indirect damage caused to any User who chooses to enter a linked site or any Third Party Site.
  6. The CHE bears no liability for the terms of use and rules of privacy existing (or not existing) on any such site and/or the implementation of such rules. Third Party Sites may offer security of a different scope and at a lower level that the security offered on this Site and/or privacy policy that differs from the privacy policy of this Site.
  7. Diagnosis of pupils with learning disabilities: diagnosis of pupils with learning disabilities at institutes mentioned on the Site is done by such institutes and is their sole responsibility.  The CHE is not a party to such diagnosis and/or its results.  The order of listing of institutes on the Site does not constitute encouragement, recommendation or preference by the CHE for any such institution.

Reference to Rules of Privacy

  1. These Terms of Use do not derogate from the Site’s rules of privacy as published from time to time on the Site.

Contacting the CHE

  1. For any question regarding the CHE Site and other questions relating to the activity of the CHE or the PBC, it is possible to use the form available on the site at https://che.org.il/pniot.