The Academic Center of Law and Business
Institute type Academic Institutions
Area Tel-Aviv Area
Date of recognition 18/02/2001
Budgeting Non-publicly funded institutions

A college for the study of law and business administration located in Ramat-Gan. Legal studies in the institution commenced in 1995, in a college that was at that time called Ramat-Gan College of Law. The Academic Center for Law and Business in Ramat-Gan was established as a non-profit organization in order to train students to become quality businessmen, lawyers and attorneys. The Center enjoys full academic freedom, enabling it to create unique programs of study and training that stress theoretical and legal material along with humanities, social and community studies that aim to expand a student’s knowledge and encourage him to think creatively and critically. The Center in Ramat-Gan builds its programs of study in such a way that the student will obtain the broadest possible education in the fields taught, and graduates will leave who are involved in Israeli society and prepared to work for its advancement and to invest in its future.

POB 852, Vita Towers, Bene-Brak 51108