Fostering Academic Excellence Among Ethiopian Students

The Excellence Program for Persons of Ethiopian Extraction: An Increase of 35% in the Number of Ethiopian Students Within 5 Years

Academic Excellence Among Students of Ethiopian Descent

The multiyear plan set a goal to increase the number of Ethiopian students enrolled in bachelor’s degree programs such that the percentage of such students would be approximately 1.7% by the end of the multiyear plan, commensurate with their percentage of the population. This goal means an increase of approximately 40% of the number of bachelor’s degree students from 2500 at the start of the five-year period to approximately 3500 within five years.

The program will provide a framework for preparatory students and bachelor’s degree students of Ethiopian descent which will include preparation for entrance exams, acad

emic reinforcement, dormitory and travel financing, etc. Similarly, the number of “Hesegim” Program coordinators will be increased to make higher education accessible to youth from the periphery and they will work in the ten leading towns in terms of the size of the population of Ethiopian descent. The coordinators’ role will be to identify suitable youth and guide them toward academic studies as well as assist them in choosing their field of study.

At the same time and as a central element, the Steering Committee is promoting excellence and leadership in an approach which includes support and encouragement for excelling students throughout all degrees, from bachelor’s degrees through master’s research degrees, doctorates, and all the way to hiring academic staff members of Ethiopian descent in institutions of higher education. The program will enable the community of persons of Ethiopian descent to advance toward excellence and realization of the social and academic potential of the students.