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Quality Assurance and Compliance with Standards of Medical Education

The Council for Higher Education knows that the foundation of a strong healthcare system is high-quality medical education. Our goal is to ensure that Israel’s medical schools and their associated institutions provide medical education that meets and maintains the most rigorous standards.

To achieve this goal CHE maintains a comprehensive system for Quality Assurance that requires each medical school to undergo a periodic assessment for QA & Compliance with Standards.

Standards for Medical Education

The basis of the procedure is a set of “Standards of Medical Education in Israel 11.2023” – to which all medical schools must comply. CHE’s Standards are based on those of the US LCME and are continually reviewed to ensure that they keep up with changing expectations of a fast-paced medical community.

Standards are maintained by CHE’s Advisory Committee for Medical Education, (AMCE), a group of professional medical practitioners and educators who understand not only the needs of the medical profession, but how to translate these needs into practical education.

Self- Assessment and International Survey Team

Every eight years, schools conduct a comprehensive Self-Assessment to examine every aspect of their performance, ranging from their education program to faculty qualifications, curriculum design, educational resources, student outcomes and satisfaction, and a host of other criteria.

A team of international experts is appointed - and the schools’ Self-Assessments shared with them. During a visit to Israel, the team attends each school for 2-3 days, meeting all relevant personnel, raising questions and issues that arise from the school’s Self-Assessment. Particular attention is given to whether the school is complying with CHE’s Standards.

The Survey Team submits a report to CHE - which is placed before ACME to determine whether the school is in compliance with all elements of the Standards for Medical education. The Survey Team will also make general recommendations to CHE about how each school can improve its medical education.

Where schools are assessed to be non-compliant or partially compliant with certain elements or Standards, a process is in place to ensure that over time, they take necessary remedial actions. This ensures that Israel’s medical education is always up-to-date, relevant, and effective.

International Recognition

CHE has been “recognized” by the United States, National Committee on Foreign Medical Education and Accreditation (NCFMEA) continuously since 1999. It is currently in the process of recognition by the World Federation for Medical Education.

Israel’s medical schools also appear in the World Directory of Medical Schools, which is maintained by WFME and FAIMER.

For more details about this process and to view relevant documents, please see this link.

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For inquiries about Reviews of Medical Programs, please send an email to med.qa@che.org.il. We will make every effort to respond to your email promptly.


Requests for examination of a specific medical standard or element will be reviewed by the Advisory Committee for Medical Education. Kindly note that such requests should be sent by postal mail to the Division for Quality Assurance at the following address:

Division for Quality Assurance

Council for Higher Education

Jabotinsky St. 43

Jerusalem, 9214116