Strengthening the high-tech professions

Increasing the number of faculty members and students, with a focus on the engineering and computer science fields needed in the Israeli job market

As part of the program, approximately NIS 1.4 billion will be added to the institutions of higher education to increase the number of faculty members and students. At least half of that amount is earmarked to promote studies, instruction and research in the professions needed in the market, including electrical and electronics engineering, software engineering, computer science and information systems. The second part is earmarked for all other subjects, with an emphasis on recruiting quality students and faculty in the humanities.

The PBC budget for promotion of the humanities will grow by 250% under the new program, from NIS 40 million in the previous program to NIS 100 million in the current program, which will include improved support for research, increasing the number of students with a focus on quality, promoting external interfaces with academia, particularly the system of education, cultural institutions and public involvement as well as occupational guidance


Strengthening the high-tech professions (ע)